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    • Thanks Allison! I appreciate the positive feedback.
      Zachary Fitzner | 1Jan15 | More
    • Very nice. One of the most unique stories I've read on this site. Big fan of horror, but …
      Daniel Craig Roche | 23Aug13 | More
    • Your poems are very creepy, but this is my favorite of them. You do horror very well.
      Echo | 15Mar13 | More
    • Thank you. Your compliment made me very happy and I'll certainly submit some more.
      Echo | 15Mar13 | More
    • This one grabbed my attention from the get go. Very captivating. It is in the tradition of Poe's …
      Lucas Cumiford | 30Oct12 | More
    • I really like the creepy ending. Your use of repetitive phrases gives the verses a fluid meter that keeps …
      Lucas Cumiford | 30Oct12 | More
    • I just happened to be scrolling through the necrology emails today and yours was the first story that captured my …
      Lucas Cumiford | 30Oct12 | More
    • I look forward to all of your submissions
      Daniel Craig Roche | 29Oct12 | More
    • Daniel, Sorry about my belated response to your nice comment about my story Crow Land. I have been a little …
      Lucas Cumiford | 26Oct12 | More
    • This is one of the better ones I have read in a while. Ending made me happy.
      Daniel Craig Roche | 24Oct12 | More
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T.K. Wade


by T.K. Wade Timothy Lewis stood near the front door of his house. The seven-year-old clutched firmly to Mr. Grizzly, a black stuffed bear, as he watched his mother step briskly around the house. He was quiet for the most part. Jane Lewis was busy talking on her cell phone, and he did not want […]

12Aug2012 | | 1 comment | Continued

No Ordinary Storm

by T.K. Wade   As beings of flesh and bone, the human race is mortal. Our ties to the earthly plain are real and apparent. But what might not be so obvious is the other plain that we are all linked to. This is also real, but few ever take notice of it. We often […]

22Jun2012 | | 0 comments | Continued

Sandpaper Kisses

by T.K. Wade   The prince of Rodopolis: it was he whom so many held with such great regard. He was the son of a good man as well as the subsequent hair to the throne. He was a chance for hope and a beacon for future peace. The people admired and revered him; however, […]

20Jun2012 | | 0 comments | Continued

Black Tour

by T.K. Wade Chapter 1   Melody stepped up to the mirror and checked her dress for wrinkles. Perfect. It was a pretty blue dress given to her by her mother. The thirty-six year old, brunet woman posed and smiled blissfully. Very pretty, she thought. Her eyes looked down to a picture sitting on the […]

5Jun2012 | | 0 comments | Continued

The Return

by T.K. Wade   Rile sat unusually still within the barracks of Castle Rodopolis. He seemed tense and unable to think clearly. The fight against the Black Circle had had little to no success over the last few months; however, the newly trained dragon-riders had found one of their camps, and orders had gone out […]

29May2012 | | 0 comments | Continued


By T.K. Wade   “Part 1”   Kate and Cindy were nearly half a mile outside of Darkwood in the northwestern region of the country. They were both seventeen-year-old girls and were the best of friends.  The two of them had bundled up because it had been getting pretty cold in the late fall months, […]

14May2012 | | 2 comments | Continued

The Imaginist: The Other Guest

By T.K. Wade Mary Ann Mathews quietly sat on a little, wooden stool. She had been staring outside of the window of her newly acquired bedroom for quite some time. It had been very stormy that night, and the thunderclaps had kept the poor girl awake. She sighed and watched as the water quickly ran […]

10May2012 | | 0 comments | Continued

The Imaginist

by T.K. Wade In the dark space between fantasy and reality lies the imagination. It is a wild, untethered and often corrupt realm. The slightest spark could ignite the creation of many beautiful things. However, that same spark could just as well bring about darkness and chaos. But what if the boundary between the real […]

25Apr2012 | | 0 comments | Continued